Wedding Party
Meet the Parents
Pearl  -   4 Apr 2009

Wendy Hung
Mother of the Bride

Pearl's mom loves shopping, playing with the Wii, and she eats ALL the time... We are still trying to figure out how she stays so thin...


Francis Hung
Father of the Bride

Pearl's dad makes model ships, tinkers with computers, but still bakes a mean honey oat bread.



Dorothy McLin
Mother of the Groom

Anthony's mom enjoys skiing, biking, and long walks around the lake.



John McLin
Father of the Groom

Anthony's dad spends his day breeding daylilies and cycads.  At night, he likes to grill on his 42" bbq with a nice glass of wine in hand.


Meet the Wedding Party
Pearl  -   29 Mar 2009


Robyn Mendzies
Maid of Honor

Robyn and Pearl have been friends since high school. Pearl's anime addiction is totally her fault.


Elizabeth Lew

Elizabeth and Pearl are cousins and are secretly cylons.


Sandra Ruddan

Sandy and Pearl are fellow Trojans and Disneyland fanatics.


Kevin McLin
Best Man

Kevin is Anthony's younger brother and is the short one in the family standing at 6' tall.


Carlos Godinez

Carlos and Anthony are in the same mafia... errr I mean... Fraternity and office...


Alberto Lopez

Alberto is also a Trojan and San Diegan like Anthony... but only shorter and hungrier...


august 14 2009