Pearl  -   20 Oct 2009

 Woo!!! Congrats Dad on getting your promotion!!!

 We'll just have to celebrate it the next time we see you.. in HONG KONG!!!

Pearl  -   5 Oct 2009

Last week, I mentioned something about a housewarming party... and well... We've decided to host one after work on Friday, October 23rd around 7pm-ish.  You are welcomed to join us earlier.  But bare with us while we get the final stuff ready before everyone arrives.

We were quite busy bees this weekend. 

All the thank yous are pretty much done.  Just need to get them out the door now. 

We painted the hallway- you guess it.. orange, put up some shelves, and unpacked some more stuff. 

Our goal this week: finish painting the other side of the hallway, finish putting up the shelves, toss the futon frame and bring the mattress to storage downstairs, finish setting up my desk, and unpack some more boxes.

Pictures are Here!!!
Pearl  -   1 Oct 2009

The long awaited wedding pictures are here!!!

We still need to finish sorting and editing the honeymoon pictures.  But those will be up soon I promise!!!!

Also, we are almost done unpacking all our presents.  We also promise all the thank yous will go out soon.  We have a system set where we won't put away anything until the note is written.  So with that said, it does take a while.  For those that did not get one yet, we haven't forgotten you.

Some have asked.. When is the housewarming!?  That answer is also.. SOON! With football season around, it's kind of hard to schedule a party on a Saturday night, but there is a bye on Oct 10th. hehehehe...

august 14 2009