Happy 2010!
Pearl  -   31 Dec 2009


How quickly this year went by! Everything is like this giant blur.. But just like last year, I wanted to do a quick recap of what stuck in my mind...

  •  It's definitely the year of the weddings... Mike and Natalee, April and Mike, Brooke and Carlos, Fred and Queenie, and Anthony and I!

  • After a month of hell and a mountain high of paperwork, Anthony and I are proud owners of our first home.  Let the projects begin.

  • The wedding - I still can't believe we are married.  I remember still being in the planning mode at the rehearsal AND the actual wedding.  I remember not fitting into my dress because it was really really hot in the dressing room.  I remember not being able to get the rings on our fingers because they were so swollen.  I remember our first dance.  I remember eating my meal.  I remember my feet were killing me by the end of the night. I remember drinking a few drinks at the after party and then not remembering anything else.

  • The honeymoon! Totally awesome as I've never been to Europe before.  It was amazing to see, as Eddie Izzard puts it, "where the history comes from..." hehe... It was also great to see the Doctor Who exhibit in Cardiff and the Roman baths in well Bath! Definitely have to go back and explore more.

  • Kevin got into an accident at the dairy and broke his arm.  Luckily, he still has his arm and he has his designated right hand aka Laura to help him. Let's all hear it now.. AWWWWWWWWWW! He will be all better in about six months.

  • I got to see my grandma in Hong Kong! She doesn't remember me much but whatever! It has been 15 years since I last saw her and the woman is 96 years young!

  • Speaking of grandmas... Grandma Norma is still with us, especially after her bout of strokes last year, and she is doing really well.

  • Last year I spoke about the economy taking a nose dive.  I am happy to report that of all the people I knew who were laid off between June of last year and November of this year, all but one have found a job.

  • New found interest in photography.  After seeing Nick's photos, Anthony and I strived to better our skills.  We got a tripod, a new lens, a new remote, a second battery pack, and a quicker trigger finger.

  • We also combined our love of food with this new found interest and started a travel food blog.  It's still in the works but here's our first entries.

Happy New Year everyone!

Hong Kong Bound
Pearl  -   19 Nov 2009

Nightly light show

After a few nights of laundry and packing, we are leaving on a jetplane tonight.  Agenda includes Fred's wedding and reception (on two different days), Uncle #3's birthday, getting my HK ID, seeing grandma and yes.. yet another reception for us.. for Anthony to meet the rest of the family.

Maybe I'll finally get to retouch those honeymoon pictures I've been meaning to get to while on the plane... that's if I'm not passed out from exhaustion.

Photos Everywhere
Anthony  -   21 Oct 2009

Kevin diving for the garter

Did we mention that our photographer did a fantastic job at the wedding? We absolutely love so many of his shots. We are so grateful that Nick was able to create an archive of so many memories. He just put up some of his favorite shots on his blog, and besides that, some of our photos made it into the portfolio on his website (go to Weddings II).

august 14 2009